Rusty Links

A test site for broken link checkers

This is a test site for broken link checkers similar to Dead Link City and

Tests at this site

All tests at this site have their own subdirectory. The following tests are available:

  1. Just Another Dead End - a page without links
  2. A Discutable End Of The Internet - another page without links
  3. 200 Ok - a page with only perfect links
  4. Unicode - a page with link with Unicode
  5. Base - a page with a base tag
  6. DNS-Prefetch - a page with a dns-prefetch attribute
  7. Blocked - a page blocked by robots.txt
  8. 999 Unknown - a page with links with unknown status codes
  9. Anchors - a page with internal anchor links
  10. Misquoted - several pages with quotes that aren't perfect
  11. Timeout - a page with links to slow sites
  12. Scheme - a page with links which use different schemes
  13. Blacklisted - a page with blacklisted links
  14. Next level - a subweb with thousands of links